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As we said at school “Valete – Farewell”

Time’s Up
“To retire is to expire” was, apparently, the warning given to Donald Trump by his father. I don’t intend to expire but after 33 years as an advisor and, in the cliché, being ’80 years young’ it is time to go.

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Market update 1st December 2016

Looking for the Santa Rally?
It’s there, it’s true and it’s for traders, not investors. The Santa Rally is defined as “the surge in stock market prices that has often occurred in the week before Christmas (positive in six of the past seven years) or the week between Christmas and the New Year (negative in four of the seven years).”

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Does your risk match your investment objective?

What is your defined investment objective? Is it like, “I want to grow £150,000 into £300,000 plus inflation over the next 10 years”, or are you happy with “I want a good return”?

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The last Budget on 16 March now seems a distant memory from a past era. Back then the Chancellor was George Osborne, the Prime Minister was David Cameron, the UK looked likely to remain a member of the EU after 23 June and Donald Trump was not considered a serious US presidential candidate. Wind forward […]

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Sovereign Bonds – no longer a sale haven

Don’t you remember with affection those happy days in the late 80s and early 90s when many gilts were trading at substantial discounts to par with yields often in double figures?

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Rising Inflation – ask granny what it was like in the 1980 or 1990

Introduction Inflation is defined as “a sustained increase in the general price level in an economy”. It means that your money will not buy as much tomorrow as it could today. Your Granny will tell you prices rose all the time. The average rate of inflation in 1980 was 18.0% so that on average prices […]

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President-Elect Trump: The view from Europe

‘Do you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right?’ – Robert Orben   Political watching from a European time zone in 2016 has all been about the hour from 2am to 3am (London time). In late June, consensus expectations of a Brexit referendum ‘remain’ […]

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(EU)conomics: a bout of election jitters for the markets

The key event this week is the U.S. elections. Not long ago, market participants were convinced that Ms. Clinton was set to win, and some even considered that weak polls for Trump could result in the Democrats’ controlling Congress. This is no longer the case. The polls indicate a very tight race. Below are the most likely outcomes […]

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Why this US Presidential election matters

Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation’ Simon Sinek   Politicians come and go…but there are times when political leadership choices by an electorate matter more than normal. The US economy has clearly been the strongest of the major developed markets over the last seven or eight years, since the depths of […]

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Your passwords are more vulnerable than you think

Examples of identity theft and online fraud feature regularly in the news online and on paper. More than 30 million sets of personal data were stolen when the adultery site, Ashley Madison, was hacked last year. A security breach at LinkedIn has been reported as releasing around 164 million sets of personal data.

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