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Investor Insight April 2017

A Busy Year Already – Welcome Spring! It has been full steam ahead since the start of 2017, and we are proud to have welcomed many new clients to the Hitchin office. The news headlines continue to bring very little in positivity, with the increase in terror attacks dominating our daily lives, however the markets […]

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Market update 1st December 2016

Looking for the Santa Rally?
It’s there, it’s true and it’s for traders, not investors. The Santa Rally is defined as “the surge in stock market prices that has often occurred in the week before Christmas (positive in six of the past seven years) or the week between Christmas and the New Year (negative in four of the seven years).”

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Does your risk match your investment objective?

What is your defined investment objective? Is it like, “I want to grow £150,000 into £300,000 plus inflation over the next 10 years”, or are you happy with “I want a good return”?

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The last Budget on 16 March now seems a distant memory from a past era. Back then the Chancellor was George Osborne, the Prime Minister was David Cameron, the UK looked likely to remain a member of the EU after 23 June and Donald Trump was not considered a serious US presidential candidate. Wind forward […]

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Sovereign Bonds – no longer a sale haven

Don’t you remember with affection those happy days in the late 80s and early 90s when many gilts were trading at substantial discounts to par with yields often in double figures?

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Rising Inflation – ask granny what it was like in the 1980 or 1990

Introduction Inflation is defined as “a sustained increase in the general price level in an economy”. It means that your money will not buy as much tomorrow as it could today. Your Granny will tell you prices rose all the time. The average rate of inflation in 1980 was 18.0% so that on average prices […]

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Market Review 1st November 2016

Jeremy Paxman speaking in 2016 after retiring from BBC Newsnight, “my greatest discovery over the past year or so is that news doesn’t matter very much”. More important is what the individuals and organisations who invest money actually believe. Wrong-headed they may often be but their responses to events are generally much less volatile than […]

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Too good to be true? If it is, it’s your money at risk

A commentator recently suggested that the concept of ‘buyer beware’ under which the risk of a purchase is borne by the buyer and not the seller should be suspended for financial services because of the seemingly infinite complications of financial products and services.

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Market Update 1st October 2016

As you might expect, I look back at the past month and year-to-date but I give more space to looking forward over the next month and more. Project Fear is now yesterday’s story and the threatened calamities (it would be wrong to call them forecasts) have been overtaken by positive events. Nonetheless, the road to […]

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Why are we studying another old fart?

That is the right question with the wrong attitude. We are studying the successful managers of yesteryear, with a glance at their modern counterparts.

Successful Investors – What do they look like?

These are investors who take a long-term view. One of Warren Buffett’s noted quotations is: “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for ten years”. Contrast that with the investment advisers and private investors who sold property and equity funds immediately following the Brexit vote.

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