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The last Budget on 16 March now seems a distant memory from a past era. Back then the Chancellor was George Osborne, the Prime Minister was David Cameron, the UK looked likely to remain a member of the EU after 23 June and Donald Trump was not considered a serious US presidential candidate. Wind forward […]

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Too good to be true? If it is, it’s your money at risk

A commentator recently suggested that the concept of ‘buyer beware’ under which the risk of a purchase is borne by the buyer and not the seller should be suspended for financial services because of the seemingly infinite complications of financial products and services.

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It’s your life. How much income will be comfortable?

Not many weeks pass without a ‘financial expert’ telling us we will run out of money before we die. Is it really reasonable to imply that the rest of us have just mush between our ears? I am certain that few people plan to run out of money before they die but, planning can go […]

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Investing for Income – plan accumulation and distribution

What is the purpose of your investments? For many people the primary objective is a good level of income when the investor stops full-time work.

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India – A Case Study

You don’t have to go far to find a recommendation in the financial pages on the lines of: “Hot tip: I’d put all my money in India – but only for the long term”. This example was in the Sunday Times on 8th November. In other words, “Buy now and live with the losses until […]

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