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Investor Insight April 2017

A Busy Year Already – Welcome Spring! It has been full steam ahead since the start of 2017, and we are proud to have welcomed many new clients to the Hitchin office. The news headlines continue to bring very little in positivity, with the increase in terror attacks dominating our daily lives, however the markets […]

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French Presidential election round 1: France votes for something different… but not too different

So, the pollsters were – for once in the last couple of years – absolutely spot-on. The two candidates for the second round of the French Presidential election in just under a couple of weeks’ time, will be the centrist Emmanuel Macron and the populist Marine Le Pen. And if the pollsters are even roughly […]

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Caring by Numbers – John’s Story

There is no doubt that the life of a Wealth Manager is a privileged one. I am not referring to money or financial gain, but the privilege of getting to know and help our clients. The Hitchin community is culturally diverse and this is reflected in the wonderful mix of professions, talents, and characters we […]

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This Budget was Mr Hammond’s first – and last – Spring Budget. From now on Budgets will take place in Autumn and there will be a financial statement each Spring. Thus, the next Budget is probably a little over eight months away although, as 2016 revealed, much can happen even over such a brief period. […]

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Investor Insight – January 2017

A Happy and Prosperous New Year! 2016 will remain a poignant year for various reasons, it certainly had its fair share of drama. It looks like 2017 is set to be equally exciting as we watch the outcome of last year’s votes unfold here in the UK, Europe and across the pond. Read more in […]

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Chocolate Reality Check

For any child, Christmas morning is immense. Growing up in the 70s, my stocking was one of Dad’s socks (as they were the biggest), and I would wake to see it at the end of my bed filled with satsumas, walnuts and handfuls of chocolates from the Quality Street tin. As I grew older and […]

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As we said at school “Valete – Farewell”

Time’s Up
“To retire is to expire” was, apparently, the warning given to Donald Trump by his father. I don’t intend to expire but after 33 years as an advisor and, in the cliché, being ’80 years young’ it is time to go.

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Market update 1st December 2016

Looking for the Santa Rally?
It’s there, it’s true and it’s for traders, not investors. The Santa Rally is defined as “the surge in stock market prices that has often occurred in the week before Christmas (positive in six of the past seven years) or the week between Christmas and the New Year (negative in four of the seven years).”

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Does your risk match your investment objective?

What is your defined investment objective? Is it like, “I want to grow £150,000 into £300,000 plus inflation over the next 10 years”, or are you happy with “I want a good return”?

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The last Budget on 16 March now seems a distant memory from a past era. Back then the Chancellor was George Osborne, the Prime Minister was David Cameron, the UK looked likely to remain a member of the EU after 23 June and Donald Trump was not considered a serious US presidential candidate. Wind forward […]

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