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Flying the flag for a triumphant industry

With a purple passage or two, Erin Baker, who is Managing Director of Cars at Telegraph Media Group and a true petrol-head, lauds the success of the British motor industry. Her message is “Ignore the Brexit doom-mongers, British-built cars have never been so popular and Europe knows it”. There is much beyond the statistics of car production.

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Too good to be true? If it is, it’s your money at risk

A commentator recently suggested that the concept of ‘buyer beware’ under which the risk of a purchase is borne by the buyer and not the seller should be suspended for financial services because of the seemingly infinite complications of financial products and services.

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Why are we studying another old fart?

That is the right question with the wrong attitude. We are studying the successful managers of yesteryear, with a glance at their modern counterparts.

Successful Investors – What do they look like?

These are investors who take a long-term view. One of Warren Buffett’s noted quotations is: “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for ten years”. Contrast that with the investment advisers and private investors who sold property and equity funds immediately following the Brexit vote.

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Brexit update September 2016

The cataclysmic failure of everything was forecast by David Cameron, George Osborne and the ‘big beasts’ in Remain and has not happened. The Electoral Reform Society in a recent report found that Project Fear may have had the opposite to the desired effect.

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Should you sell now, August 2016?

The headline in a recent post published on FE Trustnet was: ”Advisers positioned for a mass sell-off – should you do the same?” The short answer is “No!” and this post presents some evidence. FE Trustnet describes itself as: “the UK’s most comprehensive free source of online investment data, analysis, research and news.”

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‘Britain will boom’ whatever the EU result

For 20 years the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) has supplied independent economic forecasting and analysis to hundreds of private firms and public organisations.

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