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Does your risk match your investment objective?

What is your defined investment objective? Is it like, “I want to grow £150,000 into £300,000 plus inflation over the next 10 years”, or are you happy with “I want a good return”?

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Too good to be true? If it is, it’s your money at risk

A commentator recently suggested that the concept of ‘buyer beware’ under which the risk of a purchase is borne by the buyer and not the seller should be suspended for financial services because of the seemingly infinite complications of financial products and services.

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Why are we studying another old fart?

That is the right question with the wrong attitude. We are studying the successful managers of yesteryear, with a glance at their modern counterparts.

Successful Investors – What do they look like?

These are investors who take a long-term view. One of Warren Buffett’s noted quotations is: “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for ten years”. Contrast that with the investment advisers and private investors who sold property and equity funds immediately following the Brexit vote.

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Market update 1st September 2016

The personal financial pages have recently contained more warnings than usual of a stock market bubble and the crash that will follow its bursting. The concerns were not restricted to the London stock market but were worldwide. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is no longer suffering from a Brexit headache. Project Fear has been shown to be an illusion and we do not yet know what will follow Article 50.

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It’s your life. How much income will be comfortable?

Not many weeks pass without a ‘financial expert’ telling us we will run out of money before we die. Is it really reasonable to imply that the rest of us have just mush between our ears? I am certain that few people plan to run out of money before they die but, planning can go […]

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Is investment in property still good value?

Property is always on the wish list of private investors who have a perception of lower risk with better returns, although the facts show that the long-term returns of property and the stock exchange are broadly similar, with reliable income. The website This is Money reported in 2015 that over the 30 years from 1985 equities had given a capital return of 433% and commercial property had given a capital return of 402%.

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Top-Down! Is this the way to better investment returns?

Many investors, many theories – every year some of them are reviewed in The Stock Market Almanac which Stephen Eckett publishes. Will the wheel stop at zero every time? Probably not. And in a similar manner not every investment will be a winner. Envy the secretary whose boss, as a joke, gave her a £10 […]

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Bursting Bubbles – Be Prepared

On a Crash Course

Financial crashes are more frequent than a once-in-a lifetime event. A bursting bubble is the expected outcome from a boom rising from a ‘new idea’. An early example was the Netherlands’ tulip mania of the 1600s.

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The Referendum and Your Investments

On 23 June 2016 UK voters will respond to a referendum with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote in order to answer the question “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”. Advocates of both camps argue that the future of the country can only be secured by voting for their proposition. […]

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Barclays Equity Gilt Study

The Barclays Equity Gilt Study gives a clear picture of the returns from the UK market over the past 114 years. It is the UK’s foremost source of data and analysis on long-term asset returns with data going back to 1899. The study has been published every year since 1956 and, it is claimed, shows […]

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