Our Approach

Our clients tell us that they value knowing the people who are making the decisions about their investments. Our hands on approach and regular communication with clients helps us to build long term relationships.

Discretionary management

Most of our portfolios are managed under a discretionary mandate. Our clients have delegated the responsibility for the planning, research and monitoring of their investments to us in order to match the strategies and objectives which have been defined and agreed with them. We take the day to day decisions, act on them and report back when we take action.

We aim to manage your investments in a sensible and low-cost manner. We do not speculate with your money under any circumstances.

Our investment philosophy

We follow a lower risk investment management philosophy in which preserving gains is a priority. We exercise control through regular and frequent monitoring of the investments. A quarterly asset allocation review is part of the risk monitoring process.

Keeping you informed

As stewards of your personal financial future, we take our responsibility very seriously and we involve you every step of the way, always remembering that it is your money and we are managing the route to your personal financial success.

We think it’s vital that you know what we are doing with your money and why. Also that you have opportunities to comment. We are always accessible in the office or over the phone if you want to talk about investments or what we have done.

Your Investment Aims

We all have different goals in life and money means different things to different people but we also need to pay for the life we want to have. Money is a means to an end, no more, no less.

We aim to provide returns that match your realistic expectations and your attitude to risk and reward. This is likely to be a market return relative to inflation plus the withdrawal or reinvestment of interest and dividends.

We always start by getting to know you, your values, convictions, attitude to risk, financial situation and your available means, as well as your priorities and goals. We then work with you to give you personal, objective, unbiased advice that helps you make the right decisions for you and your family’s future.

Choosing the right strategy and investments

The investment strategy depends on your goals and objectives. Generally speaking, people need to grow wealth up to retirement after which they generally need income. For many clients the income drawdown period will be longer than the growth period.

Some clients Invest To Protect, where they are prepared to accept limited growth in real terms (against inflation) in exchange for a lower level of market volatility.

We are certain that the strategies and principles which underline portfolio management are more important in determining the long-term results of investment than buying or selling any individual share or fund.

The benefit of having a personal wealth manager

By working with us you will:

  • Have a more focused view of your money
  • Be more confident about achieving your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Have more options for financing your life at whichever stage of life that happens to be
  • Be invested in the right tax-efficient investment vehicles, because less tax means more to invest or less risk to achieve the same goals
  • Have every investment decision explained in the context of your plan and in a jargon free way
  • Be on the path to paying less tax, making your money work harder and reducing your financial risks
  • Get face to face time with the expert who is actually managing your money – you won’t be passed between colleagues or partners. You will sit together with us normally twice a year, and we are always available to answer any questions along the way.
  • Sit together at least twice a year to checkpoint progress against the plan and make informed decisions about what to do next as your needs evolve
  • Be more in control as you take a more active approach to reviewing and revising your financial plans as things evolve
  • Be introduced, when appropriate, to our trusted partners (IFAs, tax accountants and legal experts) to structure a long term wealth management roadmap

It’s a long term process and we prefer to work with forward-thinking clients who are serious about making intelligent decisions concerning their financial plans and investments.

Our money back guarantee

We can’t promise instant success but your planning fee (not dealing charges) is refundable for 60 days after your portfolio starts if we fail to meet your expectations of service.

Custody & security of your assets

At Raymond James we never hold client cash or assets, they are all entrusted to our custodian Pershing Securities Limited (Pershing)

FCA Client Asset Rules

Pershing is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is required to comply with the FCA’s Client Asset Rules which help protect investor assets in several ways, including:

  • Asset Segregation. Investors’ assets are held on trust in accounts segregated from Pershing’s own assets. Therefore, in the unlikely event of default by Pershing, investors’ assets would be allocated to the beneficial owner.
  • Verification of Asset Records and Instructions. Pershing is required to perform regular checks to verify that investor assets held in trust are accurately recorded.
  • Assessment of Custodians. The FCA stipulates that custodians appointed by Raymond James to hold investor assets must be subject to prior assessment to ensure that custodians extend the level of asset protection as required by the FCA.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

As the UK’s statutory fund of last resort for clients of authorised financial services firms, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) can pay compensation to investors if a firm is unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims against it. In general, this would occur when a firm has stopped trading, or is insolvent, and has insufficient assets or funds to meet its obligations to investors.

  • Protection of Assets in Custody at Pershing. In the unlikely event that Pershing had failed to properly apply the FCA’s Client Asset Rules and had also defaulted on its obligations, eligible investors would be able to make a claim to the FSCS for any assets lost by Pershing. Accounts held in custody at Pershing are protected by the FSCS up to £50,000 for cash and securities in each protected investor account held by Pershing.

For more information about eligibility please visit the FSCS website at http://www.fscs.org.uk/what-we-cover/eligibility-rules/

  • Protection of Cash Invested with Third Party Banks. Pershing invests client cash awaiting reinvestment with third party banks. In order to protect your clients’ cash, Pershing have put in place a number of safeguards to mitigate risk. Pershing use a broad range of international banks and financial institutions to ensure that deposits are well diversified from a risk perspective. Pershing places deposits with banks on a pooled basis in Pershing’s own name, segregated as client money, but has received guidance from the FSCS that, in the unlikely event of a default, the compensation scheme for deposits with banks would apply as if the deposits were held on a non-pooled basis in the names of investors. It should be noted that this is guidance only and the FSCS reserves the right to determine eligibility for each case, applying eligibility criteria to any investor claims. The current limit on FSCS compensation for bank deposits is £85,000 per investor.

For more information about eligibility please visit the FSCS website at http://www.fscs.org.uk/what-we-cover/eligibility-rules/


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