Our process

How we work with you

Managing your own wealth portfolio can be time consuming and difficult. It’s hard to keep a balanced perspective about your own investments.

Think of our investment process as your choices combined with our expertise. You will be involved every step of the way, and we will be there to help you at every juncture.

Our Process

Our Process

Discovery Meeting

Before you agree to become a client or pay a penny in fees, come in and meet the team that actually manages the investment portfolios. Tell us about your hopes, goals, ambitions and aspirations. Find out how we work and see what makes us different to other wealth managers. By the end of this meeting you will know whether we are the right people to help you grow and protect your wealth and we will know whether we can deliver significant and real value.


Once we understand what is truly important to you, we will conduct an in-depth review of your finances (income, pensions, savings, commitments etc) and ask some challenging questions to help you make good financial decisions and avoid bad choices.

Investment Plan

What we do ‘behind the scenes’. A detailed report with our recommendations.

Investment Roadmap Meeting

We will talk you through our recommended plan of investment options which will be outlined in what is truly a detailed jargon-free report.

Investment selection & management

There are funds that are normally better than average and others that consistently give returns worse than the average. Recently published research has shown that while funds in the bottom quartile are consistent in performing for several years within their level of competence, and rarely surprise upwards, the same consistency was not observed among funds in the top quartile and there are few of these funds that have not fallen from grace from time to time. That’s why regular and frequent reviews are essential, supported by clear rules for the stop loss procedures.


After 2 months we will have a follow up meeting to review progress and ensure you are happy with our service.

6 monthly progress meetings

Twice yearly progress report and follow up meeting to review performance

Ongoing communication

We will keep you informed of all the investment decisions and transactions we carry out on your behalf and you can get additional market insights via our blog.


Initial Selection & Quarterly Review

Initial Selection & Quarterly Review

Analysis and Selection

Our approach to planning and managing provides a diversified investment programme for clients using quality collective funds from good investment managers.

We review the available funds regularly and maintain a list of recommended funds where the emphasis is on quality of management and above average returns by discrete years.

We normally aim that the collective funds we list should be in the top 25% of their sector in each of the three most recent discrete years.

Monthly Sector Review

Monthly Sector Review


We monitor our funds on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis using data from ShareScope and Morningstar in addition to information in the trade press.

We do not operate a no-thought stop loss policy as this introduces the risk of action on a short dip in performance.

We prefer to review funds within the context of the economic and market environment.

Weekly Fund Review

Weekly Fund Review

Management Style

All investments are monitored regularly but we do not normally expect to make substantial and frequent switches (sales and purchases) between funds.


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