We want to make the service personal

We do our best to provide a personal service, whatever the size of the investment pot. This means meeting most clients twice a year and providing a formal report before the meeting. The text below is typical of the letter I write to a client after a meeting.


“Portfolio progress

The investments are making slow but steady progress, which is in line with your wishes. You have opted for a spread of investment that is 50% Defensive assets (low volatility with high levels of income and held in ISAs to protect the income against tax) and 50% Growth assets (funds holding stocks and shares of companies trading across the world).

In the Growth section there are excellent returns from funds investing in the United Kingdom, Internationally across the world and in North America. In contrast, the funds investing in the Far East and in Emerging Markets have been hit hard by the slowdown in China but are now showing a good recovery.

In the Defensive section the bond funds are down a little but I am sure this is a temporary situation. Property funds are long-term investments in real bricks and mortar.


There is no immediate action to schedule, other than our normal investment activity. I have noted that you expect to need to withdraw around £20,000 in one to two years.

“Market Commentary

On a year to date basis to 30th September most of the Investment Association sectors were showing negative red, mostly small losses, as was anything linked to commodities.

There is evidence to expect that the fourth calendar quarter will be positive for stockmarket investments. It has started well this year with almost wall to wall green, that means positive results, for the first month of the quarter.

The stockmarkets have this year ignored wars and rumours of wars and the small negative results could have been much worse. If the results in the fourth quarter are what is expected then we will have an easy run through to January 2016.


Our website is still busy at www.rjwealthmanager.co.uk and we add a new blog most weeks. In the blog “A Humongous Buying Opportunity” I questioned the motives of the fund managers following a relatively small correction. The blog “Why did the Chicken cross the World?” is in a lighter vein. It is remarkable how the fowl colonised the world.”


So What?                                                                                                                              

Most of the investment portfolios are effectively bespoke although based on well researched model portfolios. They are all our own work and not copied from a platform.

Robert Bewell

About Robert Bewell

Retired Branch Principal & Wealth Manager - Raymond James, Hitchin. Robert has a positive view on risk management and volatility and an enthusiasm for both fundamental and technical analysis. Robert retired in 2016 after more than 30 years in the financial industry. He co-founded the Raymond James, Hitchin office with his daughter Susie, who is now joint branch principal with Faye Silver. Robert lives in Letchworth with his wife Jane and enjoys the company of his daughters and grandchildren.

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