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Your choices…Our expertise

We work with a wide range of investors, with different needs, different expectations and different attitudes to risk. Whatever you want to achieve we are committed to giving you individual attention.

We aim to offer you clear, jargon-free advice backed by years of expertise and first-class access to global experience and research.

How can we help you?

We always start with what you want your money to achieve for your life. We also help you think through some of the other eventualities that you should plan for.

Then we bring together our understanding of the markets, backed up by many years of experience and in depth research capabilities to deliver pragmatic, clear and simple steps you can take to help protect and grow your wealth.

Planning for your future

Our clients come to us with various backgrounds and needs, from people just starting out with investments, to successful business people to ‘downsizers’ with a little or a lot of cash to invest. You may be in a position to help your grandchildren or you have a lump sum and wish to make the most of the opportunity that offers.

Whatever the journey we can help you to reach your goals. To do this we need to understand your:

  • Attitude to risk
  • Tax position
  • Timescales
  • Requirements for income
  • Current and future financial resources

We cannot predict the future but we will use our knowledge and experience to ‘read and navigate map’ that takes us there.

Investment selection

Our service is always about investment, not speculation. There are many opportunities for savings and investments, and it’s never easy to choose the best ones for you at any given time.

When we choose investments we want to do it for the right reasons – because they offer the best chance of achieving your financial goals.

The benefit of a discretionary manager is that we’re focused on the best investments to help you achieve your long term plan.

Investment Management

Choosing the right investments is only part of the process. To make sure the investments are performing as they should we review them regularly and compare them to ongoing changes in the markets.

It’s the only way to ensure they will be able to deliver what you expect. Click here to see our investment process.

Retirement planning

It’s never too early or too late to think about retirement planning.

With our range of investment planning services we can help you to get the most from the resources you have in retirement. 

Chinese proverb

Q: What’s the best time to plant an oak tree?
A: Twenty-five years ago.

Q: When is the second best time?
A: Today.

Tax efficient Investments

We are not tax specialists, but we have access to good advice. We will use tax efficient products such as ISAs to place your investments in the most appropriate ‘vehicle’ with the view of obtaining better returns and reducing your costs.

That means you will either have more to invest or you will need to invest less to achieve your goals.

Intelligent ISAs

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. The reason people use these ‘vehicles’ is to save and invest in a tax-efficient way. Are you better off using an ISA for Saving or Investing ? What is the difference?

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Whatever advice or wealth management services you want, give us a call or drop us a line, and let’s talk.

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